Google and its scope of application in academic libraries: An introduction


  • Dr. Nirmal Ranjan Mazumdar


Google, Google Drive, Google Form, Google Scholar, Google Sites


Library & information centers are now dependent on various information and communication technology enabled tools. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has brought revolutionary changes in all kinds of service-oriented organizations as a whole and as a service-oriented organization, library is not an exceptional one. In the present age of ICT, the libraries are becoming more usercentric and user-friendly as most of the service as well as working areas of libraries are now reliant on a computer-system with a bundle of different application software. Besides, Google, the most popular search engine is being used in libraries for providing better library service. Google has lots of application tools which can be adopted in a library environment as an infrastructure. In this paper, some of such tools are discussed which can be linked with some library services. The pros and cons of using such tools are also noted. Some academic libraries of international repute are also mentioned as example where different tools of Google are being used.




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